Environmentl Initiatives




Provocator uses unsullied knitted cottons produced traditionally with old machinery creating loose looms and draping effect with mix of cottons and linens all here in Australia, we don't even use bleached white or organic chemically treated fabrics.


Provocator trying to use natural as possible fabrics from bamboo, hemp, Linen and other plants.


Provocator processes innovatively to conform to contemporary tastes of the modern age.





 A sustainable dyeing process is something very difficult to achieve and you have to compromise and try consistently to reduce the number of chemical processes.


Provocator occupied one of the 4 denim laundry in Australia that means we do everything with our hands, we use only natural dyes such as logwood, woad, madder, indigo most of times.


Provocator had to struggle at first to find eco sustainable suppliers and small laboratories producing plant derived this type of dyes located around the world but finally we had succeeded and over the last 20 years we're dyeing amazing sustainable ethical products.




Provocator has always tried not to use heavy chemicals, unlike most other denim companies which are just trying to achieve the washing results the easy way, the chemicals that they’re spraying on their garments are very harmful to the environment.

All our embellishing and pre-wash treatments such as creases, brushing, hand scrubbing ripping and tear are done by hand, this is a very difficult process, which requires both strong and talented people.


We don’t use lasers for finishing; all our garments are a piece of art made here in Australia by Australian people.


On most occasions, we use denims where the indigo dye yarns are plant derived this way it’s easier for us to fade them the traditional way as opposed to the chemical dyeing process.


That mean’s no chemicals and less water usage.


All our Denims are proudly produced in Australia in our factory in Marrickville for the last 20 years.

All of our washes are in-house and we are the last few people in Australia conserving the knowledge of the denim industry. Realistically, nobody else knows about denim.


Provocator is one of few labels that wash their denims in Australia our denim washing process involves to concentrate

Sourcing good fabrics from the best denim mills from around the world.


Denim is a special fabric that you can be creative with as the surface is very easy to transform. From the visual side it’s like sculpture, its art, you have to be artistic to see the final product from the start.


Especially myself as a designer, I can get the final picture when I see the raw fabric construction.


As I explained above; all the handling, hand finishing and multiple washes in between hand treatments apply to offer to our customers the perfect wash and feeling for the jean they have to have, and wear to death.


Washing and producing in Australia has many benefits such as; better  fitting, quality control, fast production, ability to change direction and style quick, being close to the market as far as point of sales, being able to repeat faster and deliver new designs to our valued customers.






Provocator concentrating as mentioned above to control the quality and ensure a better fitting, as we know denim and cottons can be affected by shrinkage after wash and dry.

That’s why we’re shrinking our garments after making to maximum temperatures as individually  all our styles added this measurements previously to our patterns so our customers doesn’t experience what they receive from

Products made in third world countries.

This part of quality control also involves the last step to almost all of our garments meaning:


During the process of washing we offer proper sanitization:

  1. a) Free of chemicals
  2. b) Free of pumice stones to all of our jeans.
  3. c) Free of rashes and diseases, founding to imported clothing and second hand (recycled aid) from other countries.
  4. d) Clear washes with optical finish so you can see and enjoy the wash and your new jeans.
  5. e) Softness to all our cottons and other fibers including to silk washes.




We are not just only from all the above mentioned responsive to the community, culture and fashion.

But also express it in a sensitive way.